Artist William Maurer

william-maurer-headshotArtist William R. Maurer began his formal training at Pratt Institute in 1955. He later received a Master of Architecture degree from Harvard University and entered the premiere class of the École Superieure des Beaux Arts in Paris. A native of New York City, he has resided part-time in France since 1962. He had his own architectural offices in Morocco during 1970-80 and traveled extensively throughout North Africa.
The artist has always enjoyed painting as an extension of the architectural experience. When you look at Maurer’s beautifully rendered paintings and see the expert use of clean, subtle color along with the precise appointment of his brush, it will be no surprise to learn that before retiring from his firm in Morocco, he was an international architect.

Maurer has painted subjects throughout the world and continues to find an interesting genre to draw from. Living in Cannes, France during the summer months and in Fernandina Beach, Florida during the remainder of the year, gives him ample opportunity to paint the quaint, charming street and boat scenes that he has become well-known for. He says he “Paints in an impressionist manner, constantly experimenting with color and technique; always searching for free expression, taking liberty with design and composition.”

Here is a sample of William’s work:

Marina Seafood Restaurant-659






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