frame-jw-10The style and color of your frame is as important as the art itself, and re-framing is a cost effective way to give your fine art a fresh, new look. Whether you are a first-time frame buyer or a frequent customer, selecting the right frame should be stress free. While purchasing a ready-made frame may be better suited for a photograph, a customized frame offers a variety of elements to consider. With so many choices, it is best to be specific with your preferences when discussing options with your framer, and don’t be afraid to ask “why” if something is suggested that you don’t understand.

Photography Framing

frame-art-jw-9-2016Most of us LOVE to take pictures. Often, we put our favorites on display at our home or in our office. But, framing a photograph should create a story as well as create balance with the other items on display in any given room. Framing photos adds depth and layers to your special memories and really gives the image more than “eye-candy”. When you capture your audience’s other senses with your photos, you can really transport them into your captured moment.

Artwork Framing

Framing a piece of art can often be as expensive, or even more costly, than the work itself. (Consider a picture made by your favorite five-year-old, “Just for you.”) Frames are meant to enhance the art, rather than distract from it, so you should see your local framer and look at a variety of texture, color, finishes, mat options, glass options and more. In the end, you will have a frame that is for “you” – one that shows off the actual “art”.

Memorabilia Framing

frame-football-jersey-jw-frame-gallery-9-2016When you think of framing, most of us think of framing a picture… but there are so many things in the world that look amazing within a frame! Collections and memorabilia can be anything that is important to YOU. Invitations, announcements, outfits, sportswear, concert tickets, record albums, and other souvenirs.

When you think of frames in other than 2-D, and consider shadow boxes and other deep frames, your options are literally endless. Your collections can be shown off, rather than hidden in boxes. Your special moments can be viewed easily when they are hanging on the wall!

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Certificate Framing

Certificates and diplomas are much more than a piece of paper and they should be treated as such. They mark important accomplishments in our lives and bring to mind incredible memories. Often, they would hang in your place of business to show your education – which is an incredible financial and mental investment.

Sometimes you simply want to thank someone for their contributions. A framed certificate of appreciation can go along way in expressing your gratitude. Let us help you select the right frame for you!

Specialty Frames

Want to hang three pictures in the same frame? Perhaps you want to frame a champagne bottle from the day of your proposal? Just about anything can be framed! Easels, frames, posters, pictures, plaques, and more.

Creating a specialty frame means you need to consider the material of your frame such as wood or plastic. Would you want a lace or other fabric for the matting? What shape and size will your completed project be? How much money do you want to spend?

The best thing about specialty frames is they suit ALL of your desires and create a very personal message.

Military or Career Framing

Framing military items can be very emotional, and as such, a very personal experience. Whether you are framing medals from World War II, or framing a Civil War artifact, a professional framer can direct you on how to best protect, and display, your treasure pieces.


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